Authors: Matt Barbour & Miranda Knox 28.1.22


HOUNDED! Cramped pens & ‘bled like vampires to death’ for cash: Inside harrowing UK beagle farms which breed dogs for lab testing

CRAMMED into cages, handled by the scruff of their necks and hooked up to machines that drain them of blood before their lifeless bodies are discarded as medical waste.

The life of a beagle in one of Britain's most prominent animal testing facilities is the stuff of nightmares for dog lovers.

Beagles pictured in cramped cages at MBR Acres in Cambridgeshire - believed to be Britain’s biggest beagle farm Credit: YouTube

This rescued beagle has a number tattooed on its ear for identification purposes

Credit: Supplied

Testing on beagles - selected for their submissive, trusting natures - is still widely practiced in this country, with thousands of pups bred in factory farms every year.

The latest UK Home Office statistics reveal there were 4,320 procedures carried out on dogs - 4,270 procedures on Beagles specifically - in 2020.

MBR Acres in Cambridgeshire - believed to be Britain’s biggest beagle farm - breeds up to 2,000 puppies a year that are sold at around 16 weeks old to laboratories.

On its website, MBR - short for Marshall BioResources - says it is “dedicated to maintaining high standards of animal welfare” and “believe our animals deserve the best possible treatment and care we can provide”.

But upsetting footage from the facility obtained by The Sun Online shows dozens of caged dogs barking and crying, jostling for space in their cramped pens while staff go about their business seemingly unfazed. It follows a leaked video released last year also filmed at MBR Acres, which appears to show whining puppies being man-handled into crowded crates, ready to be shipped off to labs.

The footage caused outcry, with Home Secretary Priti Patel vowing to launch a review of animal testing in the UK.

However, last week campaign group Hounded established the Home Office still has “no current plans to hold a review into the use of animals in science".

A beagle is seen being lifted by the scruff of its neck at MBR Acres in Cambridgeshire Credit: YouTube

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