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Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Camp Beagle started with just two amazing people, Polly and Beth, deciding not to go home after a demo at MBR Acres. From their single selfless act, Camp Beagle was born. Here's Polly's story of how Camp Beagle began...

Monday 28th June 2021- A demo is held...

The Day I went to a demo at MBR Acres, Huntingdon, UK on vivisection. In my diary it says MBR Cambridge. I go to a lot of Demos to inform myself of what is happening, but I’d not been to a vivisection demo or heard much about it for a long time. I used to support BUAV (Cruelty Free International) and NAVS (The National Anti-Vivisection Society,) years ago, surely things have changed?!

The one day demo, was outside the Gates of MBR and they showed a video of what is happening inside MBR where they breed Beagle Puppies and at 16 weeks old send them off in vans, to our University laboratories and the vivisection business at Covance up the road which used to be HLS (Huntingdon Life Science). I’d heard of SHAC

(Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) which was an international animal rights campaign to close down Huntingdon Life Sciences, and ALF (The Animal Liberation Front.) I knew about their amazing and brave rescues and ultimate imprisonment, but I had never heard of MBR.

The video was hard hitting and I just couldn’t believe that professional people could treat animals with such violence and hatred and anger. VIVISECTION. I was pretty traumatised after the demo, the images of those poor poor puppies were rushing through my brain, my throat was choking, my anger rising. How can they get away with such brutality. How can This be legal ????

A decision is made...

It was getting dark, the star constellations were very visible in that location, in the middle of nowhere. I looked up and asked, 'how can this be happening?' I saw a big red streak above and I knew it was a message. A message to say ‘Don’t Leave. If you stay with these puppies and protect them I WILL DO THE REST’. I felt I could trust my feelings. I felt positive. I said out loud 'I’m not leaving!' I looked around and everyone had gone. Then I heard a voice saying 'I’ll stay with you.' It was Beth Mayflower. I’d met her recently at a Rabbit Farm demo that was eventually successfully closed down.

We chatted together and we just couldn’t believe the horrors of this place. How can humans breed puppies to send them off to laboratories at 16 weeks old knowing that they will be tortured in cruel testing and then killed? We were dealing with the devil. What they were doing here and up the road at Covance was so very wrong. VERY WRONG ! We were determined to stay. So in the black of night with no torches we stayed in my little Smart Car, with Beth's lovely (but big!) dog Blossom.

Camp Beagle begins...

The next day, our determination never wavering, I quickly went home to pick up my van. We were going to CAMP outside MBR gates on the grass verge. While I was away Beth was on her own in her car sleeping when 2 vans came out of those gates at 4am. She awoke to see them leaving and heard puppies crying and barking from the back. She was heartbroken. That's when we realised what evil we were dealing with, and I got back with my

van and we said we were CAMPING and that no more vans were going to leave and we parked outside those gates blocking the entrance!!!

That was the beginning of CAMP BEAGLE, we were never leaving those puppies again. After that, everything seemed as if it was taken out of our hands and that someone was ‘Doing the Rest.’ People started to join us and put up their tents on the grass verges growing longer and longer. They took on what they were good at 'Activist Protesting'. It grew and grew. It was dynamic. We knew were going to win this, because to me, we would not have had the beginning if the end were not ahead. It always felt right.

Camp Beagle does everything differently. Going with what evolves. Now we are using powerful new technology to take our protest around the country and the world, on all media platforms. No more secrecy at this place. Everyone is going to know what these workers do to those puppies and where they end up. Protesting at the gates, working to shut this disgusting American company down. People support us from all walks of life and political backgrounds now from all over the world.

From both Beth and I (Polly) we can only thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

The battle against Vivisection goes on!

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