Mikey's Story

Mikey and his dog - Riley are permanent campers at Camp Beagle

I got involved in anti-vivisection campaigns around the year 2000 with the SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) Campaign to close down Europe's biggest animal testing lab, (formerly known as Huntingdon Life Sciences.)

I attended many demo's outside of this evil hellhole and continue to do so, as they still exist and are now named 'Labcorp' and went on many actions, including taking part in a lock-on at a Shell Refinery in Cheshire because they commissioned animal tests at HLS (Huntingdon Life Sciences.) That day of action was very successful as we cost Shell £2 million pounds and each of us who took part in the action got court cases of £35.00 so it was a win-win situation.

At the same time as attending protests at HLS, I went to the disgusting place that breeds BEAGLE puppies, (once named Interfauna and now under the name MBR Acres.) That day was certainly memorable as a young activist got onto the roof of this vile place!

Mikey and his dog- Riley in the Summer heat of 2021

Over the years I have been disheartened at the fact that Vivisection has dropped down the Animal Rights Agenda and have made a very conscious effort to share on my social media the horrors of Vivisection and encourage other activists to fight for animals in Labs. My heart has been truly moved this year to see Vivisection being firmly back in the Animal Rights Agenda thanks to the campaign to close down MBR Acres.

Which now brings me to June 27th 2021. A momentous protest outside the gates of hell MBR Acres. This was the day that gave birth to CAMP BEAGLE, thanks to two amazing women, Polly and Beth, who decided that they could not leave those dear pups imprisoned in their cells, who are bred for horrific toxicology experiments in Labs.

From then on CAMP BEAGLE grew, with more and more activists camping outside the site, including myself. I am a regular camper, this is my life now. I have to be here fighting for the BEAGLES and I strongly encourage others to join the campaign, in fighting against this utter evil, depravity, sadism that is Vivisection.

We are going to make History in ending Vivisection and closing down MBR Acres.

Mikey x

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