Hidden in plain sight - A local's story!

I have lived in Huntingdon for over 20 years and, like the majority of other locals I have spoken to, did not have a clue that MBR Acres existed. Why should I?

If the PR/Marketing department of MBR had a brief to keep the 'Puppy Auschwitz' off the radar then fair play to them they achieved their objective..... until now that is.

We are Stronger Together

Back in June 2021 by chance a neighbour told me about a new camp at MBR so at first I drove slowly past the Camp to see what was going on - the second time I stopped and spoke to one of the many protesters about why they are there, the history and background of both MBR and the camp.

Born to Die

I remember coming back home and googling 'MBR' 'beagle animal testing' and after seeing the horrific videos concluded how does this still happen today when there are alternatives and, perhaps more importantly, what I can do stop this abhorrent practice?

In all my years on God's earth not once have I been on a protest. Why should I? I have never been passionate about anything enough to get me on a side of a road with a banner and in any case when it comes down to anything that involves animal testing or vivisection isn't it something that only tree-hugging', 'sandal wearing' 'hippy vegans' do anyway? (I add that it's not - the beauty of Camp Beagle is that it is full of like-minded individuals from all walks of life united by one common goal and objective)

Perry helping us get Winter ready!

Without too much thought or planning you get drawn willingly into Camp Beagle. You find yourself outside the Gates of Hell with a placard, you do a thumbs up when drivers sound their horn when they drive past, you start wearing a camp beagle T shirt, you place a sticker in the back of your car and start to 'raise your voice' when you are present when the workers either enter or exit the Puppy Auschwitz and conclude how could anyone work in such a place?

You find yourself talking passionately to friends and family like a 'modern day disciple of Polly and Beth' spreading the gospel according to Camp Beagle to the uneducated; you soon realise that without exception, people are shocked and outraged that sending 16 week old beagle puppies to their ultimate death is just wrong on all levels.

Then reality kicks in. You find yourself outside the gates of hell the exact time when van loads of tax payer funded Police screech up and pile out like they are raiding a crack den.

Thank you Perry!

You witness van loads of puppies being sent to laboratories up and down the country - you hear the pitiful cries of the puppies even over the shouting of your fellow protesters - you feel totally helpless, powerless - you conclude that the law and legislation are on the side of the 'bad guys', you try to take comfort that before the camp beagles were transported almost on a daily basis but now they go out every week or so but regardless it leaves you cold, tearful, angry but above all determined that you will do whatever it takes to make this abhorrent practice stop once and for all.

You conclude that MBR may be winning battles every time the vans go out but if the passion, unity and determination of the 'Camp Beagle Massive' is anything to go by then the war will be won.

I am glad that I am a part of the phenomena that is Camp Beagle and will be proud to say that I played a part in the demise of MBR. Let's face it it's only a matter of time.

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