'Cries of Babies'... by Lisa Millard x

It's so hard to sum up the pain we feel by being involved in Camp Beagle and trying to Free The MBR Beagles, but we think Lisa has hit it on the head with this incredible poem.

As you know, the last few days has been full of upheaval, untruths, and attempted division, but please be assured, Camp Beagle is focused on only one thing... continuing the fight to close down MBR Acres for good and free all the animals inside.

Thank you for your love and support, together we can do this x


Photo credit: Anne-Marie Barton


The cries of babies cuts through

taught air like the swish of a tail.

In a place where the atmosphere weighs

as heavy as gold bricks, as blood sticks

to the walls in an imagination of horrors

It spills out into a sea of high visibility

but they're blind.

Ignorant or blind?

"They're only doing their job."

For a system that wouldn't even miss them,

wouldn't mourn, to just lay their number down

in a filing cabinet, while

the corporations stamp down

on the nation.

From over the pond gunshots ring, they

ripple over stormy sea, as protestors sing,

on a boat built from resistance

stuck together with the hope of justice.

Elbows crack bones, wrists are restrained but,

nothing pains more than the smirks of a public servant

with a paw print tattoo who serves and

protects a Marshall. While his greedy fingers sift through

bone, bile and pus to fill his purse.

Even Lucifer cringes at the stinging of

tears that burn his face as the whimpers penetrate fears

The cries of babies escapes through metal bars,

as they are driven far and wide to

gas chambers and

we hear the hum of electricity.

The cries of babies runs red through me

Lisa Millard

Lastly, we want to leave you with a THANK YOU to you.

We have no leaders at Camp Beagle, everyone involved is Camp Beagle. Some people are involved a lot, some people a little, but every action goes a huge way towards us achieving our goals.

Some people pass through, some have camped by the road in all the weathers since Camp Beagle's inception, some people pop in every day for a cup of tea, some people have never visited but share our posts every night on social media to get awareness out there.

Every person makes a difference to our well-being, giving strength to the fight, hope to our team, and raises even more awareness of this hell-hole and the need to shut it down fast.

So if you ever think you 'don't do enough', doing anything at all is hugely helpful, so keep doing what you can and we will win this, together!

All our love,


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