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Camp Beagle's scientific position is represented by the science-based campaign For Life On Earth (FLOE);FLOES Ambassador is

Scarlett, Beagle - winner of the 2018 Daily Mirror, Animal Hero 'Inspirational Animal of the Year' award, for her part in helping to end animal experiments. Scarlett spent the first two years of her life in a terrifying toxicology laboratory, before she was rescued. She is now helping Ricky Gervais, Peter Egan and Camp Beagle end these horrific experiments on dogs, and other animals.

Ricky Gervais has filmed an extraordinary and historic conversation with leading medical doctor Ray Greek, who defeated plans to build an animal laboratory at Cambridge University with a precedent ruling on ‘national interest medical and scientific grounds.’ Dr. Greek heads the international scientific field against using animals as claimed predictive models of humans, in medical research and safety testing. (Black, White & Vivisection ft. Ricky Gervais & Dr. Ray Greek from Orange Planet Pictures on Vimeo)


What do we want and why?

Camp Beagle is calling for the science hearing outlined in Parliament EDM 175: the EDM calls for the Government to mandate a rigorous public scientific hearing on claims that animals can predict the responses of humans, in medical research and safety testing.

The EDM cites current medical knowledge reported by the British Medical Journal, [1] by the FDA - which states that nine out of ten new medicines fail to pass human trials, because animals cannot predict human responses [2] - and by the US-based National Cancer Institute - which says we have lost cures for cancer, because studies in rodents have been believed. [3]

The EDM focuses on Drs. Greek and Shanks' Trans-Species Modelling Theory, founded upon the Theory of Evolution, explaining why animals fail as predictive models of humans - and the EDM closes with this text:

'urgently calls on the Government to mandate a rigorous public scientific hearing, judged by independent experts from the relevant science fields, to stop the funding of the now proven failed practice of animal experimentation and increase funding for state-of-the-art human-based research, such as human-on-a-chip and gene-based medicine, to prioritise treatments and cures for human patients and stop the suffering of laboratory dogs and other animals,'


Why do we need the EDM 175?

The EDM 175 hearing will be judged by a panel of independent experts from the relevant fields of science - including evolutionary biology, complexity science, clinical research, chaos theory, basic research, philosophy of science and drug development.

The independence of these judges is key to the hearing's transparency and makes it unique and historic, because previous inquiries into animal testing have all been overseen by many scientists with a clear vested interest in animal experiments, and the outdated 3Rs policy.

The EDM 175 science hearing needs to happen without delay, to free the Government from advisors in the cruel and outdated animal experimentation community, and enable the Government to then be advised by experts in the highly specialised state-of-the-art fields which govern this scientific field, who have no motive except to elucidate scientific truth.

For Scarlett Beagles Take Action page, please visit the link below:



1.BMJ 2014;348:g3719 available here

2. FDA Issues Advice to Make Earliest Stages Of Clinical Drug Development More Efficient. FDA, June 2006

3. Gura T: Cancer Models: Systems for identifying new drugs are often faulty. Science. 1997, 278 (5340): 1041-1042.


Daily Mirror exclusive exposés: 21st June, and 24th September, narrated by Peter Egan.

FLOE's Press Releases: 21st June and 24th September.

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Drs. Greek and Shanks' Trans-Species Modelling Theory:

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The science-based campaign For Life On Earth (FLOE)

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