MBR Breed Beagles for Torture and Profit


Marshall Bio Resources (MBR)

MBR, the abbreviated name for Marshall Bio Resources, has been 'supplying animals for laboratory testing' for over 75 years.  'Supplying animals'... what a horrific statement on their website, as if a Beagle or other animal is a bottle of shampoo off the shelf

It's this kind of dismissive and cavalier attitude to sentient beings that means we need to fight even harder to stop MBR breeding over 2,000 Beagles a year in their animal farm in Huntingdon, UK for needless lab tests (in the USA it's 23,000 at a time in their puppy farm!)

What MBR Says

APD/SPF Marshall Beagle®

'Our Antibody Profile Defined/Specific Pathogen Free (APD/SPF) Marshall Beagle® are the cleanest beagles available, making them the best canine model for developing new veterinary medicines and vaccines marketed for pets.'


So... you breed, abuse and torture Beagles and other animals... to develop medicines for Beagles and other animals? This is hideous and needs to be stopped!


Photo credits https://bfp.org  


2,000 Beagles Bred For Torture Every Year at MBR

2,000 Beagles a year as far as we know, it could be more as MBR protects itself with legal veils to protect it's money making enterprise. 

Camp Beagle has won 2 injunctions so far at The High Court, and after every one, MBR come out fighting and does something horrific to Camp. The last was getting John Curtin arrested on a trumped up charge to get him removed from Camp. They thought that would make us fall apart but it's made us stronger. 

Whatever MBR throw at us, we will keep fighting until all those innocent babies are free and MBR are no longer allowed to breed and ALL vivisection is stopped.


For Torture By Labs Like Covance Labcorp

And of course, MBR only breed the Beagles because of the demand of the torturers at Covance Labcorp where the Beagles are taken at 16 weeks old. 

Conveniently the lab us just down the road too! 

The Beagles are then tortured in many different ways until they are spent and useless, no more body parts to carve up, and euthanised at roughly 6 months old. 

They die never having had love, cuddles, feel the rain on their face, run with their friends, have a treat snack, be able to dream happy dreams... they are born, they suffer, then they die.


Puppies being taken to their deaths 

These are the most important videos you will ever see on this site. This shows why amazing people are camping by the side of the road, not getting any sleep, cold and wet, have given up their cosy homes. The incredible day visitors and activists who cease to have weekends after they have finished a week of work as they are out protesting, those that finish spreading social media messages and doing outreach at 2am in the morning!

CAMP BEAGLE & FREE THE MBR BEAGLES isn't being done for fun, it's to stop torture and murder. These are the most important videos you will see, these show exactly why we are doing this.


Harrowing to watch, but please view and feel this pain. This is why activists overflow sometimes, having to bear witness to thousands of innocent lives being lost and having to stand back as 'those that are meant to protect us' facilitate this abuse and murder

Video's all copyright @TCM DIGITAL https://www.facebook.com/tcmdigitalOfficial

How many police to escort 2 workers cars out of MBR? This is a peaceful protest with the police 'that are meant to be protecting us', protecting people that breed for torture and murder instead. This is done with your tax payers' money, and as at today Oct '21, this is already over £250K of your money spent!