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From two...

Camp Beagle started with just amazing people, Polly and Beth, deciding not to go home after a demo at MBR Acres. From their single selfless act, Camp Beagle was born. 

Once you have been to Camp Beagle, it is a sight and sound that never leaves you, it forever changes you, so we can see how Polly and Beth decided to stay. 

Camp Beagle is now home to many activists as well as many day visitors... all are welcome at any time. 


...to a cast of thousands

From just two ladies' initial stand against this horrific torture and abuse, thousands and thousands of like-minded souls have come together to help close down MBR Acres and take a step towards ending vivisection in the UK for good! 

Everyone at Camp Beagle is so marvellously different but we all come together with ONE GOAL. Please come and join the thousands working towards shutting down MBR for good.


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From one to thousands at one of our demonstrations at Camp Beagle.
Come along for the day or join our long list of happy campers at Camp Beagle.

Come along and camp...

There is always more space at the side of the road to pitch your tent or park your van. Come and spend time with us outside the gates and help us increase our presence outside MBR and keep the pressure on to free the Beagles and close down MBR for good. 

Only by being visible outside MBR can we keep the press attention on us so please do come down for a day, a week, or permanently... we would LOVE to have you x 


Or come for the day...

We recognise not everyone can come and stay at Camp Beagle, but even if you can spare a few hours or a day, we would love to see you. ​

Bring any boards or banners you have and if you don't have any, we have some you can borrow when you get here. The most important thing is YOU and your good wishes. By coming to camp you are helping to re-write history and make such important change to the welfare of the MBR Beagles and other animals needlessly used in testing and vivisection. 

Click HERE to find out more ways to help.

Some of our amazing (and very regular) day visitors.

Who are Camp Beagle?

MBR ACRES - DEMO 01.08.21

MBR ACRES - DEMO 01.08.21

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But we still need you! Come along to Camp Beagle, we would love to have you.